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Japan Flips Nuclear Policy, Proposes Building New Plants

The Fukushima disaster of 2011 soured Japan on nuclear energy, leading the island nation to rely less on atomic power and more on imported fossil fuels. But with an intent to hit net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, Japan’s government on Thursday announced a reversal on its nuclear strategy, according to the country’s national broadcaster. The… Read More »

Brittany Higgins: Rape case that rocked Australian politics abandoned over mental health fears

sydney, australia CNN 🇧🇷 Prosecutors in Australia have ended a high-profile legal action against a former government official accused of raping a female colleague inside Parliament, saying a new trial would pose a “significant and unacceptable risk” to the woman’s life. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Public Prosecutor Shane Drumgold told reporters on Friday that the… Read More »

Rail workers aren’t the only Americans without paid sick leave.

New York CNN Business 🇧🇷 While freight rail workers hope Congress will grant them paid sick days, millions of other American employees have no safety net if they get sick. The US does not have a national standard for paid sick leave, a rarity among industrialized nations. About 1 in 5 civilian workers lack paid… Read More »

China cracks down on the internet as it tries to quell Covid protests

SINGAPORE – China’s internet watchdog instructed tech companies to expand censorship of protests and moved to restrict access to virtual private networks this week, as a government crackdown manages to keep most protesters off the streets after nationwide demonstrations erupted over the weekend against the country’s strict Covid policies. China’s Cyberspace Administration issued guidance to… Read More »

Cyril Ramaphosa faces impeachment calls over money stolen from his farm

Johannesburg, South Africa CNN 🇧🇷 Cyril Ramaphosa was elected to root out corruption. Now he may be forced to give up over allegations that he covered up the theft of a large sum of money from his lucrative game farm, which – according to himself – had been stuffed into a leather sofa. South Africa’s… Read More »

South African President Ramaphosa faces threat of impeachment over ‘Farmgate’ scandal

President Cyril Ramaphosa during a pre-World Economic Forum breakfast briefing on January 18, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Moeletsi Mabe| Sunday Times | Rooster Pictures | Getty Images South African President Cyril Ramaphosa could face impeachment after an independent panel found he may have violated anti-corruption law while investigating a theft on his farm. In… Read More »

Iranian protesters celebrate World Cup defeat as fears surround players’ return

CNN 🇧🇷 Iran’s World Cup defeat by the United States was greeted with applause and cheers in Tehran and other Iranian cities on Tuesday night, as protesters hailed the country’s exit from the tournament as a blow to the ruling regime. The nation was knocked out of the tournament in Qatar after their 1-0 defeat… Read More »