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Jessica Henwick talks making it, diversity and Nicolas Cage

LOS ANGELES — Just before Jessica Henwick was cast in “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the then-aspiring actor had already left Los Angeles for her hometown in England. “I ran out of money, so I went back and moved back in with my parents,” she recalled. Although she hadn’t quite given… Read More »

This gold-capped 3D printed pen’s unique design is making sustainability sexy

There’s a famous Jerry Seinfeld bit from the late 80s that really hits the spot. “They’re manufacturing millions of pens… I must have bought 6000 pens in my life, I’ve used maybe two of them”, the comedian says, ending with the most important question of our time. “Where’s the rest of them??” They’re in landfills,… Read More »

Making the unimaginable possible — ScienceDaily

The world’s best artists can take a handful of differently colored paints and create a museum-worthy canvas that looks like nothing else. They do so by drawing upon inspiration, knowledge of what’s been done in the past and design rules they learned after years in the studio. Chemists work in a similar way when inventing… Read More »