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The tech we couldn’t live without in 2022

CNN — Bone conduction headphones, TV streaming devices and Bluetooth speakers are among the tech gadgets topping holiday wish lists this year. Other notable products – ahem, the new 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max – are near impossible to find. But as the year comes to an end, the staff at CNN is reflecting… Read More »

SBA Releases 2022 Surety Companies Rankings

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) recently announced the best performing surety companies and agencies for the fiscal year of 2022. The SBA compiled the lists from its Surety Bond Guarantee program, which enables small businesses to compete for major federal, state, and local contracts. The program is especially helpful for small businesses from historically… Read More »

Russians buy boots and body armor for the troops, as the Kremlin tries to fix the campaign’s problems

CNN — School children raise money for socks, mothers buy winter clothes and sleeping bags, community groups collect donations for body armor. Russian citizens are crowdfunding to equip Soldiers deployed to Ukraine as winter closes in on the battlefield. Troops have complained they are short of basic equipment – ​​and the message has reached President… Read More »

Spaceflight Companies Promised to Do Science—So How’s It Going?

“We provide our customers the guidance and insight needed to ensure their research is rigorous, well-designed, and impactful to the broader scientific community–this helps move the needle forward on microgravity research,” she wrote. Sirisha Bandla, the head of Virgin Galactic’s research operations, says analysis for their projects is also still in progress. “We have flown… Read More »

Clearer rules on reporting companies’ climate risks could soon put us on a path to decarbonising corporate Australia

Credit: Shutterstock Australian company directors have long had legal obligations to identify, disclose and manage material financial risks to the company. Where risks result from climate change, or from measures to mitigate climate change, they have an obligation to address and report these. But until now there have been no clear rules on how to… Read More »

2023 Will Test Companies’ Commitment to Social Responsibility

The months and year ahead will test whether American companies will uphold commitments to ESG and corporate social responsibility as we near a recession. The authors, members of three organizations that work with leaders engaged in social impact across sectors and regions, caution against stepping back from these commitments and and cutting costs. They provide… Read More »

How Iran is accessing the social media accounts of protesters to incriminate them, experts say

CNN — In between being blindfolded, locked in solitary confinement, and interrogated in a wheelchair while she was on a hunger strike following her late September arrest, Negin says she had a realization: Iranian officials were using her private Telegram chats, phone logs and text messages to incriminate her. “They told me ‘Do you think… Read More »

Software Companies Pushing To Raise The Scope Of Virtual Reality

Two people working on virtual 3d building by using AR glasses. getty At the turn of the century, the concept and initiation of virtual reality (VR) were limited to just the film and TV industry. The advent of 3D glasses is a primary successful user case of VR, as well as bespoke games with virtual… Read More »

Twitter is less secure due to Elon Musk’s management style, says former top official

CNN Business 🇧🇷 Twitter owner Elon Musk’s dictatorial management style risks leading the company to unforced business errors, content moderation disasters and degradation of key platform features that help keep vulnerable users safe, according to a former senior Twitter official who led the company’s content moderation before abruptly resigning this month. The social media company’s… Read More »

Bob Iger lays out his priorities for Disney as he returns as CEO

New York CNN Business 🇧🇷 Bob Iger was back at Disney headquarters on Monday to meet with employees for the first time since he stunned the media world when he returned as CEO of the company last week. Iger discussed several issues facing the company, including Disney’s current hiring freeze and what he plans to… Read More »