Smash World Tour announces cancellation following notice from Nintendo

By | November 30, 2022

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Image: Nintendo

Updated: The unofficial Super Smash Bros. ‘Smash World Tour’ announced the cancellation of “both upcoming Smash World Tour Championships” as well as the 2023 tour. This event is best known for having the “biggest prize pool in Smash history with over $250,000” and was planned to have a prize pool of “over $350,000” next year.

After seemingly positive talks with Nintendo, Smash World Tour reportedly received a notice from the video game company that it “could no longer operate” future events without an official license. The event organizer claims he will lose “hundreds and thousands of dollars due to Nintendo’s actions” but is “open to continuing the conversation”.

“Without any notice, we received notice from Nintendo the night before Thanksgiving that we would no longer be able to operate. This was especially shocking considering our conversation with Nintendo over the last twelve months. logistically, as well as in preparing this statement. with proper legal guidance.”

“… last Wednesday night (November 23rd) we had our most recent call with Nintendo. Our Nintendo representative began by letting us know that they are being asked to provide the news that going forward, Nintendo expects us to operate under a commercial license only and that we would not receive one for upcoming championships or any activity in 2023. We have also received this in writing.

“…It felt like Nintendo just didn’t want the Smash World Tour to continue. At that point, we felt like we were tied up the entire time.”

In the same statement, Smash World Tour detailed its history with Panda Global (the officially licensed host of the Smash tournament) and how the CEO of Panda (who was “under review” by Nintendo) allegedly told other organizers about SWT “being closed” while threatening those same events with shutdowns if they didn’t “participate in the Panda Cup”.

You can read Smash World Tour’s lengthy statement at the link below:

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