Security Researcher Says Eufy Has a Big Security Problem

By | November 29, 2022

What do you need to know

  • Security researcher Paul Moore discovered several security flaws in Eufy’s cameras.
  • User images and facial recognition data are being uploaded to the cloud without user consent, and live camera feeds can be accessed without any authentication.
  • Moore says some of the issues have already been fixed, but he can’t verify that the cloud data is being deleted correctly. Moore, a UK resident, has taken legal action against Eufy over a potential GDPR violation.
  • Eufy support has confirmed some of the issues and has issued an official statement on the matter, saying that an update to the app will offer clarified language.

November 29th update at 11:32 am: Added Paul Moore’s answer to Android Central.

November 29th 3:30 pm update: Eufy has issued a statement explaining what is going on, which can be seen below in Eufy’s explanation section.

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