Ozzy Osbourne channels his inner Scrooge with Grinch-themed Christmas sweater: ‘Bah, Humbug!’

By | December 22, 2022

Ozzy Osbourne is celebrating the holiday season in his own special way.

The “Prince of Darkness” posted a picture of him and his daughter Kelly Osbourne on Instagram, wearing matching Grinch-themed ugly Christmas sweaters. The sweater featured a hairy green monster wearing a Santa hat, which looked similar to Ozzy, and read “How Ozzy Osbourne Stole Christmas.”

The picture, which also featured his longtime friend, guitarist and co-founder of Royal Machines, Billy Morrison was captioned “Bah, Humbug.” Morrison wore his own version of an ugly Christmas sweater, featuring Gremlins and Christmas trees.

Ozzy was recently spotted out and about shopping for groceries at the California-based grocery store chain Erewhon after it was announced his wife Sharon Osbourne had suffered a medical emergency.

Ozzy is celebrating Christmas in his own way, by wearing a Grinch inspired Christmas sweater.
(Ozzy Osbourne Instagram)


Earlier this year, Ozzy had his own medical emergency when he underwent a surgery Sharon explained would “determine the rest of his life.” While the nature of his surgery was not revealed, it was reported by Page Six he had “the pins in his neck and back realigned from when he had a fall, back in 2019.”

In 2019, Ozzy was on the operating table following a fall in the bathroom that aggravated an injury he sustained in 2003 during an ATV accident. While on “Good Monring America” ​​at the time, Ozzy revealed his fall in the shower dislodged the metal screws in his neck and spine, which required surgery to fix.

“When I had the fall, it was pitch black,” he said on “Good Morning America.” “I went to the bathroom and I fell. I just fell and landed like a slam on the floor and I remember lying there thinking, ‘Well, you’ve done it now,’ really calm. Sharon [called] to ambulance. After that, it was all downhill.”

Speaking to The Observer about his condition, Ozzy compared the nerve pain he suffered to getting your hands frozen after playing in the snow, and the pain you feel when pouring hot water over them to warm them back up. In that same interview, Sharon explained , “the screws had come loose, and were chipping away at the bone. And the debris had lodged under his spine.”

Ozzy and Sharon have both been through their share of health issues over the past few years.

Ozzy and Sharon have both been through their share of health issues over the past few years.
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Since the surgeries to correct the alignment of his back and neck, Ozzy walks with a cane.

Earlier this year, Ozzy got some positive news regarding his family’s health, as Kelly announced on Instagram she was pregnant with her first child, who she shares with her boyfriend, Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, who she has been dating since January. In the post, Kelly proudly posed with her ultrasound picture.

“I know that I have been very quiet these past few months, so I thought I would share with you all as to why… I am over the moon to announce that I am going to be a Mumma,” Kelly captioned the post. ” To say that I am happy does not quite cut it. I am ecstatic!”


She had previously spoken out about her desire to become a mother on an episode of “Red Table Talk,” but felt like she wasn’t in the best place to take that on, as her struggle with addiction would have prevented her ability to do it the way she would have liked.

“I would have been no kind of mother at all,” Kelly explained. “Because I was that crazy addict that was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll stop doing drugs when I get pregnant because I have to.’ Like, that’s insane that I would ever even think that.”

Kelly Osbourne announced earlier this year she is pregnant with her first child, Ozzy's tenth grandchild.

Kelly Osbourne announced earlier this year she is pregnant with her first child, Ozzy’s tenth grandchild.
(Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)


Ozzy is already a grandfather to his son Jack Osbourne’s four kids, Pearl Clementine, Andy Rose, Minnie Theodora and Maple Artemis, his son Louis’ kids Elijah and Maia and his daughter Jessica’s kids Isabelle, Harry and Kitty, making this his tenth grandchild.

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