Married At First Sight S15: Who Is Still Together?

By | December 23, 2022

Married at First Sight first aired in 2014, and over the course of eight years, the televised social experiment has matched 59 couples across 15 seasons.

Season 15 wrapped up just last month, so let’s recap the fate of this year’s couples:

Stacia Karcher’s and Nate Barnes’s immediate chemistry held strong, and they were one of the couples who decided to stay married…but they’re not entirely on the same page just yet.

They revealed during the Season 15 reunion that they’re not living together yet, which Nate feels good about, but Stacia doesn’t. Stacia also wants kids ASAP, which Nate feels is still a little ways off.

Alexis Williams and Justin Hall agreed to stay together on Decision Day, but Alexis changed her mind within 12 hours. They ran hot and cold all season, so this ending is pretty fitting for their chaotic story.

The exes were pretty hostiles toward each other at the reunion and kept giving conflicting accounts of the events of their relationship.

Lindy Elloway-Santiago and Miguel Santiago seemed to have a strong connection early on, so it wasn’t a surprise that they decided to stay married at the end of Season 15.

They’ve since moved in together and even settled one of their big issues from the season: whether or not Lindy would take Miguel’s last name. She ultimately decided to hyphenate.

Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh divorced before Decision Day, and while Morgan has some regrets, she firmly stated that their romantic relationship is over.

Some fans thought Morgan was too harsh with Binh throughout their marriage, but she claims that a lot of their relationship didn’t make it air. As of the reunion, the two remain on friendly terms.

Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein ultimately weren’t able to get past several of their roadblocks, including Mitch telling Krysten during their honeymoon that he wasn’t attracted to her.

Mitch admitted to still having feelings for Krysten during the reunionbut Krysten wasn’t having any of his ambivalence.

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