Introducing the TG PC 2023, a next-generation build-your-own gaming rig

By | November 30, 2022

Building a “dream PC” these days is something you can get someone else to do for you. Whether it’s a reputable contractor with high-end construction experience or your favorite DIY store, there are experts who can do the job for you.

But there’s nothing to replace the joy of building your own dream machine – the hours researching the best components and the euphoria of getting your hands on that beefy graphics card that will fuel your games’ eye candy are all worthwhile experiences.

The good news is that setting up a PC is a lot easier these days. Cases, like the Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo we chose for our opening TG PCoffer so many options for mounting your components and routing cables that you can achieve a perfect build without taking out your Dremel cutting tool.

Older PC builders and modders will also be happy that the days of manually drilling into the chassis to mount and install radiators for water cooling are over. Today’s cases and complete water-cooling kits are much easier to configure. And there aren’t many sharp corners to cut and poke your poor fingers.

So what’s in our TG PC 2023? It’s packed with things that we think will make a great gaming PC for the next year or two at least:

1. Intel Core i9-13900K

Okay, you might not need the latest and greatest CPU available, but if you’re ready to splurge, there’s nothing quite like Intel’s latest giant processor.

The Core i9-13900K has a total of 24 cores – 8 for performance and 16 for efficiency – so you can easily multitask with different workloads and still get smooth response.

Gaming performance is also top notch. What’s more, the new chip runs at a high turbo frequency of 5.8 GHz – and that’s before you unlock this little rocket with some overclocking.

2. Asus ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming Wifi

When it comes to a compatible motherboard, the high end option is one that uses Intel’s Z790 chipset. This supports the fastest (though more expensive) DDR5 RAM which makes the PC future-proof.

Asus ROG Strix motherboards have shown remarkable performance and reliability in previous iterations, and here it’s easy to pick a premium Z790 model that offers useful overclocking options (like an on-board Start button) without going overboard.

Yes, there are unrestricted versions of the stable Asus ROG, but this ROG Strix offers a good balance of features without breaking the bank.

3. Crucial DDR5-4800 64 GBCrucial P5 Plus 2TB

Again, there are several vendors offering the new DDR5 memory modules, but we chose Crucial because it’s from Micron, the company that actually makes these memory chips (many other companies use these chips for their modules). Also, stacking four of these 16GB modules together to make 64GB is something for completionists who don’t like empty RAM slots.

For the solid-state drive, we chose a Crucial P5 Plus 2TB, which gives us the capability for games and stuff. This is a fast drive that supports PCIe Gen 4 connections. It’s possible to run a RAID 0 configuration with another drive for even more speed, but the marginal performance also comes with the increased risk of data loss if a drive breaks.

4. Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080

Frankly, if you can get any Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 or even faster RTX 4090 graphics card for a good price, you’re in luck. For us, the RTX 4080 should pack enough punch to run 4K games on a 4K TV or monitor with the bells and whistles turned on (think Cyberpunk 2077 or Metro Exodus).

The Asus TUF Gaming card comes with a huge heatsink and even a solid “bracket” that helps balance the card and avoid overloading the motherboard slot with its weight. Make sure you have a solid power supply unit (PSU) because this monster consumes three regular PCI-e power connections.

5. Seasonic Prime GX1300

Seasonic is one of the few PSU brands in the world that actually designs and manufactures their own products, so you know you’re in good hands when you receive a robust PSU from the Taiwanese company.

The Prime GX1300 pumps out a generous 1,300 watts of reliable, steady power to optimize all the power-hungry components in the TG PC 2023, including, yes, the RTX 3080 graphics card. the power cables inside the chassis.

6. Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo White

For that, we have the ever-popular Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo. The white version gives us a good contrast with the black and dark components, which gives a monochrome look that is in fashion right now. It also comes with built-in LED lights on the front, as well as glass windows to showcase the components we’re so proud of.

The various cutouts and even options for reversing the motherboard configuration make the Lian Li chassis a great base to build your dream PC. You can insert various components, including even bulky old hard drives – if you still use them. Plenty of options too if you want to mount a radiator (or two).

7. Cooler MSI MAG Coreliquid C360

There are probably better looking AIO CPU coolers out there, but the MSI option we used came with out-of-the-box support for the new Intel LGA 1700 socket, so it was an easy tweak for the CPU. We replaced the fans, however, with Lian Li’s Uni Fans.

After decades of building PCs, I’m glad someone made these fans because you can chain several of them together with a connector on the bottom (and top) of each fan and power them from one fan power connector. In other words, faster construction and less cables to contend with. As you’d expect, you can also turn on and control your RGB lights.

Putting you through your steps

How did TG PC 2023 perform? We ran a few benchmarks and were happy with what we saw, with all graphics settings set to max, whether Nvidia’s AI-driven graphics performance enhancement called DLSS or deep learning supersampling on or off.

Running the built-in benchmark for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, we got 143 fps on average (low 1st was a good 84 fps) with DLSS disabled and 206 fps with DLSS enabled (low 1st = 146 fps🇧🇷 This was at a moderate Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1600) because that’s the monitor we had on hand.

We played the game too, and it didn’t bother the RTX 4080 one bit. This game, by the way, is the latest first-person shooter using the IW game engine.

And what about last year’s favorite PC-crashing title, Cyberpunk 2077? Here again, the TG PC 2023 did well. I played on a busy city level with Ray Tracing Ultra settings and DLSS turned on, and it’s a beautiful dystopian future world.

The frame rates I measured with MSI’s Afterburning app were 102.3 fps on average, 116.8 fps at maximum, and 84.5 fps at minimum. The low frame rate of 1% was 60 fps. This was with the settings maxed out at QHD resolution, but I’m confident 4K would work just fine too.

What really stood out was the amount of detail that DLSS can allow. Walk up to a billboard, for example, and the image is crisp instead of a pixelated blur with the Nvidia feature turned on. Now, imagine how many billboards and other details are in the game world, which adds to the ultra-realism.

Another demanding game title from last year – Far Cry 6 – also fared well. I ran the game’s built-in benchmark test and got an average framerate of 124 fps (maximum of 158 fps and minimum of 104 fps) on Ultra settings, with extended DXR (dynamic ray tracing) textures enabled.

Yet another game I tested was the Shadow of the Tomb Raiser demo. Here, with all settings maximized at QHD resolution, I was able to 204 for average fps.

The synthetic benchmarks I ran included Fire Strike Ultra and Time Spy Extreme from 3DMark, which simulated real gaming scenarios. TG PC scored 17,896 for Fire Strike Ultra and 14,092 for Time Spy Extreme, which are faster than most PCs out there.

Of course, you don’t just play with the PC. Just to test things out, I ran the PCMark 10 test, which measures a PC’s performance in everyday tasks like spreadsheets and video calling.

Here, TG PC scored high 9,599, no doubt helped by the large amount of RAM and the fast CPU. By comparison, a gaming laptop with a 12th generation Core i7 scored 6,483 points earlier this year in a separate test.

Obviously, TG PC 2023 is not complete. It must have a better display like a Samsung 4K gaming monitor or an LG OLED TV to show off the impressive graphics it is capable of running. Also, a good keyboard and mouse, say from Razer or Logitech, will be our choice for controllers.

Another thing we could have done more about is tidying up the cables. Yes, the three PCI-e power cables used to drive the RTX 4080 are hard to hide, but we can try mounting the card vertically with an adapter.

Speaking of which, there are also suggestions to mount AIO radiators on the roof of the chassis, believing that this prevents the pump and closed loop from malfunctioning over time. I’ve built quite a few custom water-cooled PCs in the past, but to be honest, I’m pretty new to the AIO game.

So let us know what you think of the first TG PC. In the comments or email, let us know what other components we should have included and how you would build your dream PC!

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