How Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Item Exploit Dupe Works

By | November 29, 2022

A Pokémon trainer unleashes the power of infinite tera shards.

Print Screen🇧🇷 Game Freak / Nintendo

pokemon It is is not strange to item duplication glitchesand the players have already discovered any big ones inside Scarlet and violet🇧🇷 While a previous version of the exploit required precise button press timing and a lot of work, a new and improved version allows players to infinitely multiply their rarest items super fast.

The newest way to scarlet pokemon and violetthe duplication fault was apparently first shared by German YouTuber DrWater yesterday. Since then, British Pokémon YouTuber BLAINES has gone through and explained how the trick works in detail🇧🇷 Like an earlier version of the exploit, it revolves around giving an item to your legendary Koraidon or Miraidonn and then trading it for a Pokemon just caught in the wild. When done well, the Pokémon and its held item – be it a Tera Shard, Ability Patch or other rare curiosity – will be duplicated.

New SUPER FAST Item Duplication in Pokémon Scarlet Violet

But instead of having to continually swap out legendaries for new wild Pokemon, a faster version of the glitch lets you simply keep moving Koraidon or Miraidonn in their boxes to infinitely multiply the item they’re holding. See exactly how it works:

  1. Make sure box 1 has an empty space
  2. Transform Koriadon/Miraidon into battle form and add to your party
  3. Give him the item you want to duplicate
  4. Press plus button to assemble and again to disassemble
  5. Put Koriadon / Miraidon in battle mode again
  6. Catch a wild Pokemon
  7. Select add it to your party
  8. Choose Koriadon / Miraidon slot
  9. Press the A and B buttons almost simultaneously, but with the A button pressing just before
  10. Choose to place the item in your bag
  11. Press plus button to assemble and again to disassemble
  12. Open Crate 1 and replace the captured Pokémon with the cloned Koriadon/Miraidon
  13. Open your bag and give the cloned Koriadon/Miraidon an item to duplicate
  14. Select the cloned Koriadon/Miraidon from your battlegroup and choose “return it to tour form”
  15. Open box 1 again
  16. Press the X button twice to go to Team 1
  17. Press L once to open the box with the Koriadon/Miraidon holding the duplicate item
  18. Select it and choose “Save Item”
  19. Repeat steps 12 through 16 to continue duplicating the held item

In addition to being much faster, this version of the glitch also reduces the need to deal with cloned Pokemon, constantly catching new ones, or trying to repeatedly hit the timing by pressing the A and B buttons. max an item within minutes, at least until Game Freak fixes it.

The gimmick is also a big deal for Scarlet and violetTera Raid economy. It takes 50 Tera Shards to change your Pokemon’s Tera Form, but Raid Battles only give you a few, even on higher difficulties. Once you’ve got a few of the kind you want, the duplication glitch will effectively let you bypass this whole rut, which has its own share of problems among lackluster NPC allies and occasional disconnects in online multiplayer🇧🇷

How long this particular duplication flaw remains to be seen. But Game Freak has a lot performance related bugs and nightmare fuel failures to face in the meantime.

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