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Has the EU’s Graphene Flagship hit its 10-year targets?

In the spring of 2010, physicist Jari Kinaret received an email from the European Commission. The EU’s executive arm was seeking pitches from scientists for ambitious new megaprojects. Known as flagships, the initiatives would focus on innovations that could transform Europe’s scientific and industrial landscape. Kinaret, a professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden,… Read More »

The MacRumors Show: Looking Back at the Best and Worst Apple Moments of 2022 With Jon Prosser and Sam Kohl

Jon Prosser and Sam Kohl join us this week on The MacRumors Show to take a light-hearted look back at the best and worst of Apple in 2022 – a year that brought some major changes to many of the company’s product lines and platforms. Jon and Sam are well-known content creators in the Apple… Read More »

Cambridge Analytica lawsuit settled for $725M, a record sum

The long-running Cambridge Analytica lawsuit against Facebook parent company Meta has finally been settled. The social media company agreed to pay Facebook users a combined total of $725M for sharing their personal data with the now-bankrupt political consultancy. The lawyers behind the case described the victory as a “historic” one, saying that it was the… Read More »

How to Use Physics to Tell If That Steph Curry Video Is Real

A few weeks ago, Sports Illustrated tweeted this video of Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry that instantly went viral. It shows him taking a shot at the basket—from the far side of the court. The ball goes in. OK, I can believe that. He’s a famously great shooter. But then he turns around… Read More »

Jessica Henwick Shot a Movie on a Phone. It wasn’t exactly easy

“There’s definitely a stigma in the industry. I wouldn’t really say from the audience’s perspective—a good film is a good film. But within the industry, I think there’s a stigma.” She ended up working with Nick Cookewho says she likes her, viewed using a phone as a challenge rather than an obstacle. Stettner believes this… Read More »

Direct to consumer is dying. It’s time for a new paradigm

In the past decade, storied brands like meal-replacement Huel and men’s grooming company Harry’s built multibillion-dollar retail businesses by using social media and digital-first advertising to sell directly to consumers online, without the need for middlemen. These brands were examples of a new form of retail, called direct-to-consumer (DTC). The global pandemic only accelerated this… Read More »

How to limit AirDrop spam in iOS 16.2

AirDrop is an incredibly useful feature, but can be used for nefarious purposes like spam while traveling. Learn how to protect yourself using iOS 16.2’s new security features. Image: James Yarema/Unsplash AirDrop spam has increasingly become an issue over the years as iOS users would turn and leave on the AirDrop to Everyone feature, allowing… Read More »