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Lottie Moss Was “Ridiculed” For Eating During Her Modeling Career

Earlier this week, Lottie Moss faced backlash after she shared her thoughts on Vulture’s nepotism baby article. The feature draws attention to the sheer amount of celebrities in the acting, music, and modeling worlds that have famous relatives, who have undeniably contributed to their industry success. But model Lottie, who is Kate Moss’s younger sister,… Read More »


Earlier this year, Konami launched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), PS4/PS5, and Xbox (affiliate link). When it first launched, I had a lot of fun with it despite some flaws. Well, Konami just made the collection better with its first major update. The update added a lot and… Read More »

Thom Bell, an architect of 1970s Philadelphia soul, this

NEW YORK — Thom Bell, the Grammy-winning producer, writer and arranger who helped perfect the “Sound of Philadelphia” of the 1970s with the inventive, orchestral settings of such hits as the Spinners’ “I’ll Be Around” and the Stylistics’ “Betcha by Golly, Wow,” has died at age 79. Bell’s wife, Vanessa Bell, said that he died… Read More »

Radical dialogue and open roads in ‘Women Talking’

NEW YORK — When Sarah Polley has flown from her home in Toronto to the US this year for the release of her film “Women Talking,” she’s had conversations with customs officials that usually go something like this: “What are you here for?” “I’m screening a film.” “What’s the name of the film?” “Woman Talking.”… Read More »

A man’s holiday lights display helped land him a top job at Roku

PALO ALTO — On a chilly December evening, 54-year-old engineer Mark Robins opened a laptop inside his son’s room to demonstrate the software he uses to control the 10,000 lights that adorn his house and yard. They illuminate an assortment of candy canes, gift-wrapped boxes and animals, including a flamingo, an owl, a reindeer and… Read More »